Damp Problem ?

Damp can be caused by defective materials or maybe where items have just come to the end of their working life, even the change of usage of a building can contribute. Damp in buildings can increase heating bills, cause damage to decor & furnishings and if left cost more to rectify. What is more important than all that is the potential negative effect that can be had on the health and well being of the young, old and those with a compromised immune systems.

So when damp issues are resolved this truly is looking after health & wealth.

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Whilst for some this is the unfortunate norm; wet walls and windows, constantly emptying the dehumidifier throughout the winter and in some cases periodically washing mould off the walls. Well it really needn`t be this way. We could fit a single room smart vent that works autonomously to remove the humid air and replace it with preheated clean air in order to maintain that all important moisture balance and temperature.

Smart vent

Where the problem is apparent in certain areas or indeed the whole building we can fit a whole house system. As well as maintaining the moisture balance this also ensures air purity and so can help relieve symptoms associated with asthma, allergies, dust mites and even pet dander.


These systems are particularly beneficial in older properties.


Rising and penetrating damp

Rising damp can possibly be alleviated with the installation of a damp proofing course or maybe tanking. As far as penetrating damp is concerned the installation of a smart liquid could prevent moisture penetration.


Correct diagnosis is the key. No matter what your damp problem we can get it dealt with.


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Damaged render / Tyrolean / pebbledash?

From cracking to blown or live render/Tyrolean/pebbledash (when it is detached from the wall underneath) or even a weak mix that results in crumbling or erosion, these forms of deterioration are common.

The builder may suggest a re-render, this is not only costly but a fair percentage of the cost either goes into the knock off, or the disposal, and so this part of the fee does nothing for the quality of the finish.

Damaged render

With wall coating as a possible alternative, in most cases we can carry out a localised repair and protective coating. This process will and refurbish and protect whilst decorating, usually without the unnecessary cost of scaffold or the need for huge amounts of disposal. And so, 100% of the efficiency goes into the impressive finish.

Damaged brick walls?

Usual problems can range from excessive firing cracks to missing, inadequate or receding pointing or even spalling (where the protective glazed surface of the brick has fallen off, exposing the porous centre).

Again, the conventional approach is to render and that carries all the drawbacks as previously mentioned; the high price tag and rigmarole associated with the process to mention a few.

Damaged brick walls

Wouldn’t it be easier and more cost effective to replace or repair only as necessary?

With our process we could replace individual bricks where required, even matching the existing brick. We can re-point where necessary and to ensure no further damage takes place. We can also apply a transparent waterproofing material and that actually prevents damp, all for a fraction of the cost of render and guarantee our work to boot.

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