15 Year Guarantee

We include the guarantee within the price knowing that most people with never even need it. But it’s great knowing than when next door might have to get out there on a bank holiday Monday with the paint brush, if you get any problems help is only a phone call away.

The real issue is what is included, and so it’s always good to know:

  • There is no excess
  • There is no limit to the amount of claims
  • There is no limit to the amount of work per claim
  • If you decide to move on it actually stays with the house (this is a massive benefit in the case of an older house)

It is a sad fact that from time to time companies do go out of business (which by the way will not happen to us any time soon due to the way we operate). From time to time we do get asked that question. We do have a solution; and that is to offer an insurance backed guarantee from the federation of master builders (F.M.B).

Our customers can rest assured that this definitely a one-off investment.

Full written details are available upon request.

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