The Wall coating Process

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Upon Arrival

When the crew arrives we have a walk around to primarily discuss areas of concern, access, timings and anything else the customer feels relevant (2 Metre distancing now applies).

Conditions are Ideal

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Pressure wash

Where required this is carried out to remove plant life, traffic film and foreign bodies, our units have varying degrees of pressure and can even remove ivy and paint where required

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This is a pesticide (that is child and animal safe) used only where signs of bio-organisms are evident. Something that demonstrates to us in a negative way that the coating is breathable; if left and coated over any algae etc will simply migrate through, and the same stain will be in the same place. So when biocide is applied this eliminates at source this issue.


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Like any successful refurbishment the devil is not only in the detail of the works, but also the preparation. Everything NOT to be treated is protected, with sheets, masking paper and tape or self adhesive film. Key point being, its easier to prep than clean.


Not to be underestimated or scrimped on. The building work phase is essentially to turn back the hands of time as far as the general condition is concerned. Anything from, resurfacing, repointing, damp proofing course installation, sill/feature repair in short anything that is required in order to create a solid substrate to decorate, we do it all.

Bag rub

Dependent on the project type, this stage in the process is designed to help create something that is aesthetically pleasing, it also stabilises and provides an excellent bonding layer.

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Primer / slush

This is a pliolite resin based substance (a rubbery substance that is crucially still breathable). This is roller or brush applied depending on the existing surface.

Primer Slush

Intermediate coating inspection

A couple of minutes here, to ensure all is as it should be can save a possible return trip and therefore residual risk.

Intermediate Coating

Decorative, protective finish

Weather spray, roller or towel applied the principle is the same, a uniform coverage and tidy finish.

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This could encompass things like smooth coating sills for maximum focus and definition, possibly in a contrasting colour. Or maybe the installation of damp proofing courses or even coating of roof tiles with a colour or a transparent water repellent for maximum longevity and all round complete appearance.


Clean down

And last but certainly not least is the clean up. We don`t want to solve one problem but create another, and so we ensure all is in good order before leaving site and acquiring feedback on how we’ve done.

Clean Down

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